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I was about to ask this same question. I have a Bandera that I've used only 4 or 5 times a year for the last 10 years. I made the move to wood and have done most of the mods like fire bricks, fire grate, and deflector. I've replaced the temperature dial on the door with one out of a hardware store and use a meat thermometer to check temps occasionally. Just wondering if knowing the temps within my smoking chamber would be better than the lone dial on the front of the door. I hang with my smoker for the entire session, unless nature calls and it's not dark out I have to go inside for a minute.

After reading all the reviews on different electronic temperature devices, I was certain I had no idea which one to buy if any. After reading this thread I think I'll probably stay with the dial and swap meat from top to bottom to account for the temperature diffs like I have so far.

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