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Originally Posted by rgrizzle View Post
I dropped off a proposal today, I proposed and 80-20 split on profit, not net sales. I also recapped some of our conversation like he will order the meats and suppies for sides and I will pay him back. He will keep his cook on for that day to help serve along with his staff and that he would be paying me like an employee under his business, so that I am covered legally under the corporation. hope I covered everythng. I also hope to hear back from him today or by the end of the weekend.

Good luck!!! Please let us all know how it goes! I love to hear success stories, and I am sure yours will be very successful.

Something for future consideration is him ordering the meats. I assume he uses a Sysco type supplier. I have found that in smaller quantities, it is easier and cheaper for me to use Sam's or Costco, I also get some quality control over what I use. If he is ordering large quantities or has a good vendor agreement with his supplier than his way may very well be the way to go.
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