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Originally Posted by Bbq Bubba View Post
Your better off flying under the radar until you can see just how much work it really is and realize that becoming legal is the main reason most sane people DO NOT do this.
Sorry You lost me. I consider myself a very sane person. I became legal, did all the right things, Worked with a major BBQ mentor, followed "his" successful business plan, grew my business slowly, word of mouth, networking, working events. We are still growing and each year we turn a larger and larger number of tickets. I am certainly glad I DID do this! I don't disuade anyone. If you love it, give it a try. But when trying, realize you will make mistakes that will cost you money, learn from them! Set yourself up with someone that has had success, learn from them! Listen to your customers, Learn from them!

It is a learning process that if done correctly can be very rewarding, and YES, feel like very little work!
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