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You guys have no idea how happy I am that you started this thread. I am the person that won the 1st-gen MJH at the FireOnIce contest back in March. I've been struggling mightily to get this thing to hold temp for more than 3 hours without temps spiraling out of control.

I checked in with Josh and surprise, I was using WAY too much charcoal. I switched to the horseshoe burn at his suggestion and found some success.
I've also been experimenting with using a weedburner to pre-heat the unit and have had some success with that. I too have the Guru with the 25cfm fan & have also had some success damping down the fan to about 1/3-1/4 once I get close to temp.

I guess my main question is mostly for Dan who has experience with the 1st-gen unit (but anyone else is welcome to chime in!) How exactly did you set up your charcoal burn in your 1st-gen MJH to get a 15hr burn? I've experimented with many different amounts of charcoal and have only been successful keeping the unit under 250F by manually lining up a single row of charcoal. Every time I've tried more charcoal the unit will burn through it WAY too quickly no matter what I try. If I pile the KBB 2-3 coals high in a horseshoe burn it will ignite the underside of the coals and the temps spiral out of control after 2-3hrs.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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