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Found some matches.
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Originally Posted by K-JUN View Post
Hey Garvin the picks don't open for me.

btw: the smoker you are talking about here is not a UDS (upright/ugly drum smoker) you can see good examples here.

What you are getting is commonly called a double barrel smoker.

Hope this helps.
Thanks for correcting me.. I mistook the terminlogy as Ugly Drum Smoker.. and Since this was made with Drums........ Oh well

Hey That is nothing, Guy I ordered the Ice for tonite and tomorrow fromm.. The Guy I went to Great Lengths to Explain the Cooler had.. HAD to be Min of 36 Inches in length.. Shows up with a 25 inch length Cooler Box and looks at me like I am From the moon when I run him off..... Ah.. The JOY of Living in the Tropics ..;-)

We will survive,.. Picking up a New Cooler this afternoon..from my local Hardware Store..

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