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Originally Posted by fweck View Post
I haven't done the hole (+100#) hog stuffed with chickens, but I have been to a BBQ where they did it. It was done on a rotisserie and was 10 - 12 hours if I remember right.

Yep.. beginning to see a Mixed review of this Idea..
In Truth, I am on the fence.. just at the moment..
Facts are I DO have options for more Meat.. a second Smoker . And Yet I hear some comments now a lot of places about how Dang Good the Chicken tastes done 'In The Pig"
I most likely will 'Save ' the experiment for when the smoker has done a few Pigs and I do not have 45 or so Guests planned to attend..
I mean.. Worse Case Pizza Hut Does Deliver here,.. but it would NOT be Cool LOL..

Considering going to 250 F .. saw that in an article.. makes some sense and he was describibg a 75 Lb Pig, Dressed.. Smooked for "About 9 Hours".. And yes.. I DO know.. on slow smoke.. it is 'Done when it is done"..
Too many Variables.. Meat density, ambiant temp, Wind .. just what way my Wife looks at me that day 555.. All affect the Slow Smoke Gin.
We got a Lot of Good folks coming.. Even a Profesional Magician With his Troupe og Friends that has been my Friend for 25+ years.. He will entertain just by walking in lol.. He Cannot help it!!
He was an opening act in the China Olympics .. A super human being. Does free shows for Children's Hospitals a lot of the time.

Thanks for the input.
To All

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