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Originally Posted by superlazy View Post
So either the wife volunteered you or you got drunk a volunteered yourself!

Fess up

Well... You are 100% correct 555.
It started with myself and 3 friends sitting with some 'Adult" beverages in a Comfortable Pub, in comfortable chairs and talking of the Brisket I had done a few weeks before...

Well one Friend ,.. forgot which one, said.. Wow, I would like to do a Whole animal.. a Pig or a Lamb, That would be Awesome !!! and we all agreed and agreed 'Enthusiastically; All of the friends live in Apartments in Town,. so have no place to do such a thing.. So I said "I have a Smoker,.. and plenty of lawn space.. Shade trees etc.." So in no time at all... They agreed to pay for the Pig and sundry items and off we all went..

Then,.. I learned How Big (Long ) the Pig would be,.. Oooppss Biger than my smoker.. So beggan the Mad Rush to Build, and here we are some three weeks later Facing a Sunday Pig Feast!! LOL

Btw, the number 5 is pronounced 'Ha' in Thai language.. Therefore '555' sounds like 'Ha Ha Ha' Just trivia..

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