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I live about 10 miles from the Jack Millers plant. Even better if you add a little brown sugar and heat it up!!

If you want the really good stuff, your friend is gonna have to venture away from NOLA.
Highly recommend jalapeno pork sausage, boudin, tasso. And when I say boudin, I don't mean the stuff that is mass produced and put into the pretty little packages. I mean the stuff that is made daily and sold by the pound. This is the real boudin, and its sold through little grocery stores and slaughter houses throughout south Louisiana.

Here is a link to a guy I went to HS with. He won best boudin this past year. His store is about 2 miles from my home.

There are many other places that sell great boudin. As a general rule of thumb and my experiences, if its sold by the link then its not good. The best boudin is always sold by the pound. And theres only one place to get it.

Here is another place that I have heard that is good, but have not Personally tried:

There are many more, just google and call. A lot of places will ship. I have hooked up some relatives from Houston who now gets their real handmade sausage shipped to their home.
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