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"How big is your UDS? I couldn't imagine my 55 gallon drum smoker would fit a 70 lb pig, are you going to hang it vertically or put it on a spit above the barrel?"

Even a little piglet of 20-30 lbs would be hard to hang in there without being right on top of the fire basket (assuming you have a fire basket). No experience here with the chickens."

Thanks for comments.. It Just Barely Fits..Drum / Cooking Chamber is 33 inches insde.. length wise.. Pig 35 kg including Head is 31 inches in length..
Smoker design is a lower drum as Fire Box, Flues for heat Smoke (6" dia) go up into upper drum as cooking snamber..

Appoligizes for no Pic's YET.. But Smoker is Due from Fab Shop any time now to my home..

Man these guys kept me hanging on the Delivery till the 11th Hour... But in Thailand, 'Murphy and his Whole family are really Active with that 'Law' of His ... LOL


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