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Default Stuff a Whole Pig with Whole Chickens??

Good Day Gents and Ladies,

Well Hello From Sunny Bangkok!! And Hope this is the correct place to ask this Question or 3...

I have a Brand New UDS due from Fab Shop today.
Planning on putting a pig on it Saturday for serving Sunday. Pig is 35 to 40 kg so70+ to 80+ lbs. Will know when I get it from shop.
I "Plan" to stuff the Cavity with Whole Chickens as well.. some Herbs and spices also of course,.. But Has anyone had any experience doing this?
Wonder what that will do to my cooking time.. How Long to estimate.. I Do know this is not an Exact time measurement and "Q" is always ready when it gets ready,.. but an estimate?

Any references on how to serve it all up. Heck on any comments / Ideas at all I am greaful.. Figure You are the Guys to Ask.

Smoker is coming Sand Blasted..Ideas on 'Seasoning' the thing? was planing to make several Dry runs (No food) to determine Characteristics of this smoker.. Also just run the Temp as High as I can.. But that is about all I can think of to do.. Should I spray Cooking oil inside First? before Firing the Coals / wood?


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