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Originally Posted by bigdogphin View Post
Interesting... You have a team list?
It was PNWBA sanctioned in 2012 and Home on the Range took GC, and they are the only familiar team on the list. In fact over the last couple years I don't recall seeing any teams cook I recognized. I posted the link on the CBBQA forum last year and don't think anyone was interested either.

If you recall last years Roll Call for the event, the organizers lowered the entry fee, lowered the mandatory PC meats to be cooked to 100 lbs. and solicited advice to make it attractive for cooks to show up -

Posted - 06/13/2012 : 08:57:32
Teams, we are looking at amending our people's choice rules, so that we can get more of you here. WE NEED to hear from you on what will incentize you to come down to Central Point. Is it the distance, the amount of meat, etc? Can you please contact us here or you can contact me directly at matt.samitore@ :quote

Posted - 06/13/2012 : 17:22:41
Originally posted by MADDOG

It's the 100 pounds of meat that now makes it do'able but we, too are paid elsewhere. Wish this would have been the starting numbers. The original proposition was just not doable for us and many others. Wish you folks the best down there!

Wishing all those competing at BOB the Best of Luck!

If the Compulsory Peoples Choice and Chili were not a requirement, I am certain this would be an easy Qualifier.
2 days of Peoples Choice Sampling and trying to cook for the Judges is asking too much for the average hobbyist Competition BBQ team.

In January info for BOB was posted on the CBBQA forum before the PNWBA BOD voted to approve Sanctioning and it has gotten little response, the distance from the Bay Area to Central Point OR, is about the same for Seattle area teams so it leads me to believe the meat requirements are the deal killers here.
Dropping the PC meats to 100 lbs and entry fee at this late date should be an incentive to make 15 teams, which I'm hoping is the case. This event has everything a cook could ask for at competition, hopefully with some of these things in mind planning 2013 BOB (and 25 teams) will be a destination spot for many of us.

These are my observations and not the opinion the BOD. I voted to approve PNWBA Sanctioning of BOB and wish to see its continued success.
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If KCBS can do any it better, best of luck!

I heard Kody and Paul worked their a$$es off.
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