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Originally Posted by charrederhead View Post
Opened a bag today, and did a non-scientific comparison w/ Mali's Gourmet I bought a few days ago.

I dumped each bag onto a piece of plastic, took pics, then gathered the bigger chunks from the pile and put them in a box. I shook the box when finished to settle the chunks, then took a pic. The Mali nearly filled the box while the WG was less than half full.

As everyone has said, there are lots of too-small pieces and dust in the WG. The bags have been handled quite a bit, it seems. Still, for $10, can't go wrong. The Mali's cost only $11 or $12, and probably is the better buy overall. MUCH less dust/tiny pieces in the Mali's as was expected. The product/bags are fresher. Here's some pics:
This looks similar to what I found. There is a lot of waste. WG usually has only a small amount of bits and pieces and is mostly large chunks.
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