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Originally Posted by GARNAAL View Post
I'd say - after all they're protein so:

take a glass container and catch all the ants that you can;
brine the ants for 2 days in the fridge with a mix of :

kosher salt,
brown sugar
and 2 shots of Jack Daniels

make sure to close the container well - you don't want drunk ants all over the fridge..

After brining, string the big ones on bamboo skewers for sateh and grill them fast and hot on the BBQ until crispy on the outside.

The little ants you grind up in a food processor with some Mayo, a chopped up Jalapeno, a dash of soy and some Cayenne pepper for the sateh sauce and use the leftovers to make a nice Taco chip dip !

All you need is a cold beer to clean the palate afterwards.
Nah just eat them as they are. I am a fisherman, I have ingested a lot weirder stuff than is and survived.
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