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Default Smoking wild Turkey breast, need sausage advice!

Ok, my little brother "smoked" a wild turkey this morning and is on his way home to clean it. He is going to just breast the bird out.

I have a plan for smoking it this weekend, he is going to soak the blood out of it for a few days. I am going to brine it on saturday night. Inject with a little butter, season it, blanket it with bacon weave and smoke at 275 degrees until it hits 160 degrees, wrap it in foil and let sit for about 30 minutes or so and dig in.

Question is, my brother wants to smoke some sausage at the same time, is this doable? I have a UDS I will be cooking on.

If so what kind of sausage should I look for, how long should I smoke it, and what temps.

Thanks in advance.!
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