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Personally, I like the presentation, but I would not want it for food served to my guests or food served to me. If it were my wedding, I would tell you to serve on a simple white platter. Wipe the rim. Is there an aeromatic quality that you find appealing from the veggies? Is the parsley enhancing the flavor? Is the cabbage ment to be eaten?

I appreciate simple presentation and would not want garnish that was not part of the flavor profile of the dish just because "it is more visually appealing." If I hired someone as a chef/caterer I would respect their recommedations on this type of thing.

I would present it as pulled pork, you can show them a few ideas if they wanted more visual impact with the food but I would go simple white all the way or matching serving platters. 1 - You take great pride in your work. 2 - You want the food to speak for it self not having cabbage say "Hey I'm green and purple." 3 - cross pollination of flavors is why we clean our dishes between meals, well that and food poisoning.
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