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Default Results and Question

Almost forgot to grab some pics of the results, first couple people were loading up their plates by the time I remembered

here is a shot of the ribs, I cooked them to three donenesses, first one was taken off when it cracked as I bent it, then one rack was taken off every half hour after that, my guests liked the third rack that fell off the bone the best, I liked the second rack that almost fell off the bone, this pic is from the first rack.

and here is the fattys all sliced up, one of them was gobbled up in the slicing process by guests risking knife for meat.

the food was great, and nobody even reached for the bbq sauce I had on the table, so I consider it a successful cook

the one thing that concerned me a bit, was my lid was dripping nasty black slightly greasy water, whenever I opened it I had to be careful to go slow and angle it to run the grease into the barrel and away from the food.

and then near the end of the cook it stopped dripping and started flaking, looking like this.

so I guess my question is, what is the flaking and should I worry about it? the lid was stripped to bare metal, and then wiped down with peanut oil, assembled and heated to 250 for 10 hours, so I think it was seasoned properly, and until this cook had a shiny black appearance, this stuff is flaking away to leave a shiny black underneath it. so I don't think it's paint, I wonder if this has something to do with the dripping?
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