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A steak is any cut of meat cut off a larger piece. It can be any type of meat, but it mostly is referred to with beef. You can have a pork steak, or even a tuna steak, but if someone invites you to their favorite 'steakhouse', expect it to be beef.

Tenderloin (Short loin) 牛柳。 / niu2 liu3
Porterhouse(Short loin) 里脊,外脊/li3 ji, wai4 ji.
T Bone ... (Short loin) 丁字骨牛排/ ding1 zi4 gu3 niu2 pai2
Strip loin (Short loin) 嫩腰/ nen4 yao1
Rib eye ......... (Rib) 上脑、 腰眼/ shang4 nao3, yao1 yan3
Top Sirloin . (Sirloin) 米龙/ mi3 long2
Tir-tip ..... (Sirloin) 三岔肉/ san1 cha4 rou4
Hanger ........ (Flank) 牛腩 / niu2 nan2
Flank, Skirt .. (Flank) 腰窝 / yao1 wo1
Rump ......... (Round) 后腿, 臀尖/hou4 tui3, tun2 jian1
Sirloin tip .. (Round) 牛外脊/ niu2 wai4 ji.
Eye round .... (Round) 榔头肉/ lang2 tou rou4
Top Round .... (Round)后腿,底板肉 / hou4 tui3, di3 ban3 rou4
Bottom Round . (Round)黄瓜肉,腱子肉/ huang2 gua1 rou4, jian4 zi rou4
Blade .... (Chuck eye)上脑,前烧 ./ shang4 nao3, qian2 shao1.
7 Bone ....... (Chuck) 牛肩肉 / niu2 jian1 rou4
Shouder ...... (Chuck) 前烧,牛肩肉/ qian2 shao1, niu2 jian1 rou4
Shank ... 肘子,蹄胖,牛腱子 / zhou3 zi, ti2 pang, niu2 jian4 zi
Plate ... 牛筋肉,牛腩/ niu2 jin1 rou, niu2 nan2
Brisket . 胸口肉/ xiong1 kou3 rou4

1牛颈肉/ niu2 jing3 rou4
2肩肉/ jian1 rou4
3.上脑肉/ shang4 nao3 rou4
4.胸肉/ xiong1 rou4
5.眼肉/ yan3 rou4
6.外脊/ wai4 ji rou4
7.里脊/ li3 ji rou4
8.臀肉/ tun2 rou4
9.腹肉/ fu3 rou4
10.腱子肉/ jian4 zi rou4
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