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I opened my bag and dumped it out. There are some decent sized pieces, but not as big as I have found in previous bags I have bought. And for the record, I have only used a few bags of WG in the past. Most of the time I had to chop it up to get some smaller pieces to use to cook steak, burgers, etc. There was very little chaff or small pieces in the bag.

This bag has a lot of very small pieces, 1" or less. If I put a few handfuls of the small stuff in the chimney, it fell right through. I'm picking thru this by hand now, I wouldn't dump it in the chimney as there is a lot of dust and small pieces.

I lit a half a chimney to cook a steak and some odds and ends on my Smokey Joe. It is harder to light than Royal Oak and took several sheets of paper to get it going, but there were literally no sparks at all It produced a nice hot fire and doesn't appear to burn up as fast as Royal Oak. It looks to me like it's good hardwood.

I am going to try another bag, maybe from the other store in my area, if they have it, and see how it compares to this one. Again, from my limited experience, this doesn't seem to be up to the old WG quality standards. I still wonder if these bags were crushed and thrown around and that is why there is a lot of small pieces.

I hope that everyone here who bought some at Job Lot will chime in with what the overall quality was.
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