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Originally Posted by Lake Dogs View Post
My first smoker of any measure is/was what is now called the Yoder Cheyenne. Excellent build quality, simple design (not much to break), mine still works great and is quite old.

That said, if you're looking in the price range of the Kingman, I'd seriously consider one of the reverse flow smoker manufacturers. About the same size and on a trailer would be the Lang 60, and larger still on a trailer would be Bubba Grill's 250R. I dont think I've used my Yoder in a while since I got the Lang... The reverse flow evens out the heat (little or no hot spots) and same with the smoke flow (even).
The larger Yoders are very different from the Cheyenne. They have the HMS (Heat Management System) with adjustable damper to make the smoke and heat dead even (if desired) or hot at either the firebox or the stack end. No cooker I know is better at it. Many high-end offsets are good at doing even, but it's the ability to cook hot in a controlled area that the Yoder's do so well.
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