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Default Killer Hogs BBQ

We are welcoming Killer Hog The BBQ Rub and The BBQ Sauce in to and you can find them by following the link below.

The BBQ Sauce
It always takes a great sauce to win BBQ Championships. So we created our own and now we're bringing it to your table. After years or trial and error at the most prestigious barbecue contests in the world, we developed a winning recipe. It’s the perfectly-balanced blend of Tangy and Sweet flavors, with just the right amount of Spice to give your BBQ the “Wow!” factor. That’s why this barbeque sauce is The BBQ Sauce . (period) Whether competing or cooking in your own backyard, you want the best barbecue possible; and The BBQ Sauce delivers every time.

The BBQ Rub
The BBQ Rub for Competition BBQ Teams that want to win. And for backyard BBQ'ers that want the absolute best-tasting BBQ possible.

The BBQ RUB has a perfect blend of Spices, Sugars, and Heat that take your senses on a road trip of flavor. When you get your first taste, you're going to be hit with the Sweetness of the pure Organic Sugars, you're going to get the perfect amount of salt to balance out the sweetness... Then that hint of smoky peppers rises up through and delivers a warm heat that's just enough to spice things up a bit. The aromatic spices in The BBQ Rub are balanced perfectly please your palate and wake up your olfactory sense of smell… just because we want to get all your senses in on the party.

But most importantly… The BBQ Rub is designed to highlight the natural flavors of the meat… not cover them up. When you use The BBQ Rub. you know that you are going to bring out the best in your BBQ.
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