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Default Brethren Trading Post Round 39

I am sharing NCGrimbo's post from the Trading Post forum. Sounds fun. I hope a bunch or people sign up!

It's time to trade again!! This time, we trade in honor of those South of the US border and Cinco De Mayo!!


Here are the dates for this round:
- Sign up ends: 5/4/2013
- Trading Deadline: 5/11/2013
- Salting: 5/18/2013

This round is a bit different. In honor of Cinco de Mayo instead of rub and sauce we're trading anything found south of the border. Some examples are salsa, pico de gallo, sauce (this will be fun), soup, relish, margarita mixes, tequila... Get the idea? Let's try and keep your box's contents at...$15 worth. Yeah, I pulled that out of my butt. Trying to keep from making it too expensive for folks. Of course, some of you will send much more, but just don't expect more. Cool? We can tweak it next year based on how this one goes.

Remember, homemade stuff is great, but please make sure your cooking/packaging methods are sanitary!

Once the signup phase closes the computer will match everyone up with someone they’ve not traded with before who lives far, far away. Note that the computer has no records of the first 15 rounds, so you may get hooked up with someone from a previous trade, but future trades will not encounter this. An e-mail messages will be sent to each matched pair, and the rest is up to you.

Remember: Communications is Key. We all have stuff come up so if you’re unable to trade or do it on time, just drop your partner and me a note. No sweat.

Slugs… Slugs are those who do not trade in a timely way and do not communicate their troubles to me and their partners. Slugs will be salted. Depending on the circumstances (unanswered messages, reasons for
being late, etc.) slugs will be blacklisted from trading for one or two rounds - or they may be completely dead to me. Salting is performed on a predetermined date based on your package getting marked as received by your trading partner. So make sure you mark your packages as sent and recieved.
Just sharing this that NCGrimbo posted. This is the first time I have signed up for it. Sounds cool. I hope a bunch of people sign up. Read his post below....

To trade, you must have an account and have entered your address information on the web site at

Information on how to sign up for an account and how to sign up for a trade round can be found in the sticky section of the "Trading Post" forum.

Round 30 was the first to use the "Opt-In" for new trade round notifications and several members received notice of the trade before this post was made. Check out the sticky section for information on how to "Opt-In".

Feel free to PM me if you have any problems or suggestions with the web based trading system.

Now, trade on!
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