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You are making nice work. What was the time frame of the chart above. How much did the temp increase when the blower kicked on at the end?

Have you tried running it for several hours?
Funny you should ask. :) I ran another test last night for a total of ~4:30. It took ~30 minutes to get up to temperature and then ran for ~4 hours at the target temp. Here's the results; I'm quite happy with it:

The red line is the pit temperature and the one the controller is using to monitor the UDS. As you can see it keeps a very steady temperature other than a 8-degree dip early on. I'll guess most kitchen ovens aren't more accurate than that. :)

I still haven't tested with food in the smoker so that will be next. I need to add the grills first, which I hope to have done by this weekend.

I'll start putting together the page with some pictures and the parts I used. The thing that will take me the longest is creating a circuit diagram.
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Deeg what are you using to make your andriod app?
Are you talking about the software? I'm writing it in Java 6 in Eclipse using the Android plugin. The DB is sqlite and the charting software is AChartEngine. Does that answer your question?
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