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Default Reality Check, Brush Bristles

I recently came across a post here on the dangers off bristles breaking of brushes used to clean grill grates. Since I had used brushes to clean my grates for many many years and never had a problem I thought the problem must have been a freak occurrence. Tonight I cleaned my grates on my new offset with a nice long wooden handled brush with brass bristles. Since I remembered reading the post I took a closer look after finishing to verify that no bristles had broken off in the grill. Much to my surprise there are bristles everywhere. The expanded steel grates seem to suck them right off the brush. Not sure this would have happened with the ceramic bar type grates I had used for so many years.

Looks like I will have an extensive interior clean out. Since this is only the second cook on this offset and the first was a pan cook I am pretty sure I didn't bother to brush the grates, so hopefully todays cook was not contaminated.
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