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Originally Posted by Untraceable View Post
get it seasoned?
Yeah, I cooked up some country style ribs last night for dinner. I will say this thing is so darn efficient that I may end up switching to hardwood charcoal instead of lump.

I used lump yesterday and did another lump test today, planning on a charcoal test tomorrow to see how that goes. Josh recommends charcoal and there may be a dang good reason for that!

I was above 275 for 6 hours and when I checked the coal basket this morning there was at least half the lump left, if not more.

Lump seems to burn so hot and react to the guru so quickly that on my first two tests I have had trouble keeping the cooker under 300, I blame this entirely on the cooker being to efficient

Yesterday I just flew right past 275! Today I decided to take it up to 225 and then slowly work my way up to 275, and this worked until I opened the door to move the temp probes around and the guru kicked on and overstoked the coals. This sent me back up to around 300. I suppose I could always close the air damper on the fan every time I wanted to open the door, but I want to give charcoal a try first and see how it reacts to something that doesn't burn so hot.

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