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Default UDS Temperature Issues?

I built a 55 gallon UDS a few months ago. I have done about 10 smokes on it now and it is pretty incredible. It has been very efficient and I can hold 225 for 12+ hours easily if I don't touch the lid. The only problem that I have had is that when I open the lid to baste what ever is cooking the temps go through the roof. If the UDS was running at 225 and the top comes off for only a minute or two the temp will jump to around 275-300 once I get the top back on. It will then take about 30 minutes to an hour for the temp to drop back below 250. I can completely shut the air off right after putting the top back on and it will drop much faster but then I find my self fighting the temperature from bouncing around for the next few hours.

Is this normal for a UDS or am I just missing something?
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