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Is lookin for wood to cook with.
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Default Looking for a Grill for ribs... Buy or build...


I have gone from New Braunfels side burner (BURNs Alot if you didn't rotate your meat enough) to a Vertical propane (WallyWerld) smoker, and now to a Primo XL which I love... However I can only do a a couple racks of ribs at a time...

I hate rib racks as the rub melts and runs off. I find they taste better when they lay flat...

With a Family of 5 I need a few more racks! With a couple teenagers... ribs are like an appetizer!!! A Lang 48/60 isn't in the budget...

Any suggestions on a smoker that allows for at least 5-8 racks of ribs to lay flat?

Been debating maybe building a block smoker (you know about 5 ft highx4ft wide), or maybe a low tunnel design(8-12 ft long fire at one end with a chimney at the other?

Perhaps it would be easier and cheaper just to save up for a decent RF...

Just thinking about how nice it would be do some good ribs for family and friends!!!
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