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Default Some Southern comfort soul food...

I love soul food, but it is not easy to cook, and not all that healthy, but in moderation, it wont kill you. I made this up for supper, and the Soul Food throwdown.

I went with the basics -- the stuff I like to eat at a soul food joint. Fried chicken, mashed potatoes and fried okra with white gravy.

I started off making my mashed potatoes and white gravy in advance. I usually make my mashed taters country style, with skins on and roughly mashed, but soul food mashed taters are smoother, more creamy, so I peeled the skins, and boiled to fork tender.

To make good soul food mashed potatoes, you need to do a two step, first you run them through a potato ricer, then you mix them with butter, salt. pepper and some milk until they are smooth and creamy.

I also made my white gravy in advance. I made a white roux with butter and flour, then added milk, salt and pepper, brought it to a boil, and it was done.

No soul food supper is complete without some cornbread, so I whipped up some of that from scratch, too.

Now for the chicken, I got adventurous, and made some Kettle Fried Chicken. I made a batter with milk, eggs, and flour, dipped my chicken in flour, then dipped it in the batter, and then dipped it in melted butter. Yeah, the kitchen is a mess, I am a messy cook.

On to the redhead, indirect, for about 40 minutes.

While that was cooking, I deep fried some okra. I didn't take pictures of that.

Here is the final meal. Kettle Fried Chicken, mashed potatoes, fried okra and some homemade cornbread.

Oh, yeah, that is a mason jar full of sweet tea -- as if I really need to tell you. What else would you serve with soul food.

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