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Originally Posted by sjm845 View Post
I have been wanting to put a hinge on my drum for a while now and finally got around to doing it. Was going to fab my own system up like a few I've seen on this forum but had to go KISS due to KIDS!!! Anyway, got a fence hinge from Home Depot and bolted & welded it up good. The tension on the hinge was great out the box and it will hold it up 90 degrees no problem. One hinge was plenty for the weight of the lid and pipe stack. Excuse the welds...never even had 1 lesson!!
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It might not look straight but it seals up nice and tight.
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It looks like you bought an open head drum. Did you find that the lit fit on well without the gasket. Mine seemed too large for the barrel so I couldn't hinge it but maybe mine was warped. Nice job and KISS well done
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