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Default adding a blower to a smoker?

Hi all, my access is limited so search is a question?
What I am interested in is: has anyone modified an electric leaf blower to increase airflow on the cheap vertical smokers? I have increased both inlet openings and exhaust ports and still find a lack of heat.

I'm sure unmodified a leaf-blower is extreme overkill for this purpose. I will be attaching a speed control (router speed control from Harbor Freight) to slow the CFM to a modest level. The leaf-blower I'm using is a weedeater brand model 2510. It has a 7 amp motor, so it's not a real powerhouse.

I have trouble getting to smoking temperatures. The lower temperatures require longer cook times which uses additional fuel. This is not an economical way to smoke ...
I originally thought of a blower-motor attachment from a wood stove or a pellet stove but those were over $100. A used leaf-blower at a yard sale is $10 or less ... I also thought of a 'blow dryer' but felt while the CFM would be less the machine itself would also be less than ...

Hope to hear back from other experimenters!
Thanks, Steelsmith
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