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Originally Posted by code3rrt View Post
Let us know haw it turns out for ya.


No pron pics as my phone's battery went dead last night.

So two things. First, I'd purchased a rib-eye as a just in case steak and cooked it along with the two in the package above. I didn't notice any difference in flavor between the cuts, but the unknown cuts were more tender than the rib-eye. The rib-eye wasn't tough, but the little unknown steaks were like a filet in their tenderness.

From a rub perspective, I'm an idiot. I made the paste, smashed it on the steaks and then topped with freshly ground black pepper and Kosher salt, but I forgot the paprika and chili powder until they were half done on the grill. I was trying to time it with the rest of the dinner and I'm just not used to fast cooking Anyway, good, but I could have used more salt and the chili-powder would have added some nice heat. All my fault... live and learn.

After letting the steaks rest mine was medium and I was shooting for medium rare. Still very good. I got my wife's steak to a perfect for her well done. Both were very juicy and I'd buy these again in a second!
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