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Originally Posted by AdvanceTheMan View Post
I have a Windows 7 machine, don't understand this step. I can find Airport Utility and open it. I don't see applications/utilities or anywhere to 'edit'. Sure this is more a problem I'm not computer savvy. Can someone help?
I have a windows 7 machine and can try to help. As Ron said, where are you in the process? For the record, if you notice in flashflood's instructions, they are for use with an apple airport wireless station, and they're also intended to achieve infrastructure mode. For the less computer savvy, there is adhoc mode. Turn it on and press the button to shut it up. Then go to your computer and find it the same way you'd find any wireless network if you were in a hotel will be called cyberq or something close. Log into it with the password. Then you can view the cyber q status and change temps by visiting the cyber q's interface via your web browser. Granted, this will only work when you're home, but that's it - that's the whole setup for ad hoc. if you want to use the phone apps and view the stuff remotely outside your network, it's considerably more complicated/recommend having someone help you that knows how to configure routers.
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