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Default Pit Roasting Time for 30# Pig

So I'm going to try pit roasting my first pig soon. Have been looking at a bunch of sites, trying to get my ducks in a row, but I'm having a hard time getting an idea of the cooking time, mostly because I'm going to be using a small 30# pig and the times usually given are for much larger pigs.

I realize that it's hard to nail down cooking time, since there are a lot of variables, but if someone has experience with this, and can give me a rough idea, that'd be great.

Using a small rock lined pit. Plan about 1' of coals over the stone. Rebar grate a couple inches over the coals, with a piece of sheet metal roughly pig size on the grate for a deflector.

I'm in CT, so no banana leaves, but will wrap a few times with wet burlap, and plan to add a coffee can of water for steam, then cover pit with another piece of sheet metal and bury.

I'm thinking 6 hours, but am sorta guessing, and don't want to wait too long to unearth before checking. Course I don't really want to have to bury it back up again either :)
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