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Default Drum Smoker help

Love my UDS...with help from here Ive put out some awesome food. I did make some minor boo boos with build and it IS VERY UGLY.

Been searching for used Stainless barrel for about a year and have yet to talk to anyone in this industrial town that has ever seen one. Got a heads up that local scrap yard had some ss pipe so yesterday went to check out....not what I was looking for...sniff sniff

They did have some very thick walled aluminium pipe that woud work but loooooong ago I woud convert cast aluinium gassers and Q on em....learned that the ones with glass were a no no and the Q's would eventually warp due to I dismissed alumiun pipe..

On drive home I got thinking...charcoal basket is raised from bottom and UDSers do not experience the high temps my converted units would soooo

Any reason why alumiunium pipe can't be used??
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