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Default Offset smoker is "Grilling" my food

I can't figure out what's going wrong here guys. I'll post pictures of my smoker asap, but it's the Old Country Pits "Ranch Hand" that you can get at Academy Sports for 299. Big, steel welded offset smoker. Anyhow, the grate is expanded metal and on both long cooks I've done on it, temps well under 300 (225 to 275 varying), the bottom of the meat has been completely brittle and dry while the rest of the meat was fine. On my UDS, I've never had that problem. Meat is on the smokestack end of the cook chamber, which is mounted at grate level. Smoker does have deflector welded in it.

Don't get me wrong, the food is great, but that's about a pound and a half of meat I end up having to throw away because you literally have to break it apart. I cooked a pork butt earlier and foiled it at the 10 hour mark, then just stuck it in the oven to rest, and I peeled the entire bottom layer off the meat (which was the fat cap, but fat cap was beyond cooked away)
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