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Default Starter cubes.

So its hard to find starter cubes here, plus i dont want to pay very much for things. Maybe some of you do this, but i didnt see any threads, although i didnt search either, oh well.

First: go to the garage or home depot and get a cup full of sawdust, any will do.

Then go to walmart, or any store really and get a 50 pack of UNSCENTED tea lights, or a block of parafin wax. Get a pot fill with water and bring to a boil. Meanwhile break up the wax and put it in a metal bowl/cup w/e just make sure you can safely put it in boiling water. Melt the wax.

Now, get an ice cube tray and put a small amount of dust in the bottom of each cavity. As soon as your all melted grab the bowl, and pour over the saw dust, maybe half way up, you want the dust swimming in it. Put the bowl back in the water.

Now, take more saw dust and put more into each cavity. Mix with... something, i used a chop stick. keep layering dust and wax until you have a thick oatmeal consistency.

And voila, your own wax starter cubes. If you buy the 50 pack of tea lights from walmart, you'll fill probably two to three ice cube trays. figure one light per cube, about.

I over waxed a few, but thats ok.

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