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Originally Posted by hamiltont View Post
I use both lump & briquette in it. I like the lump for the minimal amount of ash but it won't last long enough for a pork butt w/o reloading. Actually I don't think the briquettes will last long enough in the bowl either. I didn't prop up the WSJ grate but I really don't recall the smokes with the "swiss cheese" bowl because I quickly built an expanded metal basket. That works WAY much better. With a full load of briquettes in the basket I can easily get a 12 hour burn @ 250-275F. It works perfect for 2 butts. I can do 4 butts on it but I have to stand them on edge and use a couple Bamboo Shish Kabob skewers through the top corners to prop them up. They sorta keep each other from falling over. Cheers!!!
Interesting. I know the lump burns faster, but I liked that it made less ash and with the vents on the lava pan, I should be able to control the heat pretty well. I've seen some builds and tutorials for the charcoal basket but I hesitate about trying to make one after seeing how people had to shape it or bend it with 2x4's, propane tanks, etc. But the ones I saw online, pre-built were at or north of $50 and this is my first foray into metal work. Yet it looks worthwhile so I might try and build one.
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