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thanks for the feedback. I am thinking of using 1.5" insulation. Also thinking of using 16 gauge on the inside, and either 18 or 20 on the outside. The firebox bottom and top would be much thicker, at least 1/8" sheet, maybe 1/4" sheet if I can find it.

My size I am looking at would be about 50" tall, 30" wide, and 24" deep (those are inside dimensions) My shelfs would be 30x24, to ensure that I can hold 2 pans per shelf. They would be spaced 4" apart.

I am looking at a firebox that is 12" high on the side, is that enough?

Also looking at not having a removable heat diverter, simply put a thick piece of sheet on the top of the firebox, than simply put a water pan right on top in the cooking chamber....

I am going to try and get my sketch turned into something I can post for feedback. Thanks!


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I used 14ga tubing and 16ga sheeting. One thing the smoker is not is light. It's a heavy beast.

The 1" insulation works but it does get pretty hot down by the firebox. Most of the smoker is warm to the touch but you can touch it. But down low by the firebox, especially in the corners it's hot and pretty much untouchable. 2" would definitely be better but 1" worked good enough for me.
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