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Default Partner(s) wanted for project

I just know from this great site.
It is really a great idea to raise supporting fund there.
I have great products and ideas
1.BBQ controllers of DOG, WOLF, TIGER, LION. Technically they are not new.
seems less attractive
2.General Purpose Thermostat, 80 to 260 VAC, 10A, with WIFI, the Golden-Elephant. For upgrading or DIY electric smoker, sous vide, oven, brewing.
The similiar brands are SousVideMagic and Auber, but both do not have WIFI.
above models can be found from

3.Wireless Thermometer with WIFI, the wGrill.
I do not find same thermometer yet.

4.MY IDEA regarding Upgrade wGrill. #1:adding port CAT5, long distance and more reliable than WIFI. #2: adding more probes of temp. moisture, pressure, water content in the soil, Co2 content ect. #3:each probe communicates with wGrill wirelessly by board 433. It can be used in home, warehouse, greenhouse, in house animal farms ect.

5.iPhone and Temp. probe.
There was such project on and failed.
It had a probe, and then long wire, then insert to iPhone.
There is $2 digital thermometer. It has same probe, but without any wire,
convenient and simple.
MY IDEA: same $2 thermometer, but adding wireless board 433, integrated inside the handle of the thermometer. a small and clean receiver is inserted into iPhone. If you cooking at your kitchen, you can monitor temp. from your iPhone anywhere inside your house or yard.

I need partner(s) to publish my(our) projects on
I am open to any suggestion.
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