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Originally Posted by bmock View Post
No pun intended. I got a bunch of free apple wood this week. Nice big logs, it's pretty wet. I own a UDS and an Akron kamado. I use lump charcoal and a couple of chunks of wood when I cook.

My question is wait for it to cure or use it green?

Thanks for your help!!!

I cut out an apple tree for a relative last year and I took a couple hundred pounds of it to use in my smokers. I cut it down to size and chopped it into chunks with a hatchet. Mine was ready to use in about 4 months after cutting it down.

You can speed the process along by cheating a little if you want to. When you are cooking low and slow on one of your grills or smokers, toss a couple of those apple chunks on the grill grate with the food for several hours and it will dry them out well enough to use a lot quicker...
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