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Originally Posted by woodpelletsmoker View Post
Interesting to hear. I never heared Kickstarter before in China.

I am a chinese in Beijing,China.
Frankly I can hardly understand this site fully, nothing to say I can manage a project by my self. It is beyond my ability.
Would someone here like to work with me as a partner.
Say my DOG package, normal price at $99. if you can sell $5800 in 30 days, my kickstarter price would be $58. As a partner, I will pay you $1000 for every $5800 order. Competitors of DOG package is Auber, Nano, IQ110. Their prcie is $130+. and technically DOG is the best too.
If it works, we can do wGrill same way too.
If it is something you are interested in I would suggest finding a team that can do professional quality video/pictures. You will notice on Kickstarter the successful campaigns all have excellent introductory videos explaining the idea and how you can contribute.

Kickstarter was designed for inventors/creative people to connect directly with their audience and request funding to get an idea off the ground. Your Dog and wGrill have already been created so I dont think they would qualify for a Kickstarter campaign but a new product or idea probably would.
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