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Originally Posted by SmokinM View Post
Looks tasty...what are they?
Originally Posted by Freddy j View Post
These look great, what are they?
The sausage is just a 3lb bulk from Sam's Club, the brand escapes me but it is made not far from here in Mississippi.

The "Pig Shots" were pretty low key. Some of the above sausage cut into 1/2' rounds wrapped with Sugardale Applewood Bacon and "stuffed" with a mixture of cream cheese/a little sharp cheddar/eyeballs worth of Yardbird. Topped them off with that and hit them with a little brown sugar. Smoked them @ ~ 290 til crispy bacon ~ 1 1/2 hours. Used left over Royal oak lump with a 1/2 chimney's worth of Kingsford Comp Briq's and a chunk of Cherry wood.

Originally Posted by SmokinSlowPoke View Post
Those Ribeyes look awesome! Nice grill marks, looks like you had that kamado cranked up.
They were pretty tasty. I just used "BBQ Chef Seasoning" made by Mclintocks (my in-laws are from Cali and are addicted to the stuff, they order it by the case.) Just cranked up the fire from finishing off the shots, it got up to around 550-600 according to the "reliable" pit thermometer.

Thanks to everyone for the compliments!
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