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Originally Posted by RustyPup View Post
No, I'm not finished reading this thread (Page 21 so far,) but I can already see that you folks are a BAD influence!

I just called my local scrap metal dealer, and he says he has more steel 55 gallon drums than I could buy - for $8 apiece.

Evil folks, I tell you - pure evil!

It's on - film at 11...

I bought a new 30 gal drum for 60 $coots, just to be sure inside was clean etc and to keep the labors down...burned it out with big torch to remove anti rust, if any, like others have done here...FWIW.

Yes, I suppose it is evil, but what fun isn't? What kills me, I have been smoking briskets for 10 years and never thought to do a barrel job...and son got me into it. Never too late.

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