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Originally Posted by woodpelletsmoker View Post
ATTENTION PLEASE: American, Australia, and UK Buyers.

Please place order via eBay link given above.
There is special mailing service for the 3 countries, which usually takes 1 to 2 weeks.
This special mailing service is good only for eBay transaction.

Buyers from all other countries can make payment directly via paypal.
But Mailing is SAL, which usually takes 3 to 5 week

I am not sure how fast you can make these (I am talking about if thousands were ordered at once) but have you ever thought about putting them up as a Kickstarter Project?

Kickstarter is a community driven medium for small businesses and inventors and artists to showcase to the world what they have. It works like this;

You make a short Video demonstrating your product, attach it to a goal - lets say you want to raise $20,000 dollars to have enough to lower the production cost.

Now people that watch your intro video and like it decide they want one. You have an special Kickstarter price - lets say it is the same price as you have for us here now the $78 and tell them that after the project is over future sales of the item will be 20% more.

Now if enough people click to back the project (pre-order one at the $78 price) to meet your goal, your project will be funded and everyone at that time will have their credit card charged and you get the money. You will send out surveys to each person getting their mailing address and when you have them built you ship them out.

This is a link to a project I just got in on, there goal was to raise $50,000 and they raised over a Million. I am one of the 9,226 people that pre-ordered one of these hoodies. Did I do it because I thought it was a good deal? Hell NO, they are expensive. I did it because I believe in a few of the ideals it represents - I quality product built to last - putting people back to work in tough times - American Made (no offence here I just want to create jobs back in the states it doesn't mean I don't buy whatever I am searching for wherever it is made).

Am I thinking you will be another Million dollar project? No you item is ment for a specific audience. However I do believe this item selling at $78 on Kickstarter can break the $20,000 goal line in the 30 day time frame.

I hope you will look into it as I hope my Brethren here also check out the Kickstarter community in their spare time to see what project people are trying to get off the ground without the help or hindrance of the Big Banks.

I want to add one thing -> when and if you make this into a Kickstarter Project; Don't just show it as a BBQ only item but show how versatile it can be in the Kitchen Oven - You will open this up as gift's from Men to there wives all across this entire planet. Then you may have a Million Dollar Project on your hands. Trust me I know this community and they will eat up any tech they can give to their spouse that she will actually love.

Thanks for reading this.

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