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Originally Posted by Carbon View Post
With a form you'll be 100% certain how high the dome ceiling will end up at.

Check out this famous builder's method which looks pretty sloppy but he uses a sand form in this set of photos. I like that refractory liquid mortar he pours over the entire dome. Seems like his whole build procedure saves a lot of time.
Originally Posted by Carbon View Post
Yeah, the dome itself is usually built and designed around the entry and vent location / design already in mind. What's critical is the ratio of the dome ceiling height to the dome entry height. Hot exhaust gas first exits out the entry and then rises up and out into the vent and flue.
You can basically build a dome with a simple entry and no vent. Fresh air enters through the lower area of the entry while the hot gases exhausts out through the upper portion of the entry. You can singe your eyebrows if get too close to the entry though...
I just opened this link (I knew I had skipped over a couple of them and thought I'd go back and check 'em out. I also had a chance to read Thermal Mass'es Thread. All good stuff... Thank for posting!
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