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Originally Posted by ButtBurner View Post
I dont use anywhere near that much

I have started using Mortons Tender Quick, it contains the proper amount of salt and it real easy to use

1 tbl spoon per pound. then I add some brown sugar, CBP and garlic power or whatever
Ok, now I'm more confused.... The "recipe" I followed recommended 1 tsp of Morton's Tender Quick mixed with 1 cup of Morton's kosher. (For 1 gallon brine), but same mixture of tender quick /kosher for dry cure.

I tried looking on the Morton's recipe page before beginning my cure, but the only cure recipes were for a whole ham, and some beef cut (can't recall). For bacon, it just seemed to push me to buy their curing meats book.

Should I have just used the tender quick (1tsp) and no kosher at all

Desperately wanting amazing bacon
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