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I live in N.Cal within an hour's drive from the airport and I served lunch to my L.A. office. Took the butts off the smoker as I left for the airport and wrapped them in towels and put them in a soft sided cooler. Hopped the plane to L.A. and drove to the park for the picknic. Pulled the pork and they were still hot. As long as you can keep the butts whole and at safe temp this works. I pulled the butts at 205 deg. this gave me an extra hour or so before they dropped to an unsafe temp. they key is to make sure they are in a well insulated carrier. A cambro is too big for the plane but a good cooler and towel wrapped whole butts will stay in the safe range for long enough for your trip to S.D. Otherwise BBQ Bandit is right on.
I was wondering about taking them on the plane too as I do the flight about every other week. That's good to know for the future, but I also have to take a bunch of equipment down too which necessitates the drive.

Thanks PorkQPine!
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