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Default Cook, Freeze, Reheat?


I'm looking to cook a few pork shoulders for some of my employees in San Diego for a celebration. Problem is, that I live in Northern California. So my plan was to drive down to SD, then get the shoulders on the next morning. Because we have to start serving by 11am, and can't set up the night before, I'm not going to have enough time to fully cook/smoke them in the morning.

Would it be safe/practical/tasty to smoke the day before I leave, freeze and keep on ice/freezer overnight, then thaw and reheat/finish the morning of the lunch? I'd be using a smoker to cook, then Weber kettles to finish on site.

I know its not the perfect solution, but I'm kind of stuck. I've seen some conflicting posts on the Internet and want to get the experts opinions/ideas.
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