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Default Oven Gasket question???

So I purchased some 3/4 oven gasket to seal the lid off on my modded Brinkman Gourmet. After receiving it, The 3/4 is still not big enough to seal a section about 6 inches long on the one side. It seems like I would need about 1/4 to 1/2 inch more material to seal it. I have unable to find a larger diameter. Does any one know where some can be purchased? Or if any one has another idea to seal it up using something else beside shoving alum. foil in it. On second thought, has anyone had luck in doubling the gasket on itself?? After all the other mods I have made and STILL not being able to keep a low temp, I am convinced, and reallly hoping this does the trick after its sealed. Thanks in advance for any input. You guys have been great with any questions this noob has had since I joined.

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