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I live in Houston and believe it or not I couldn't find any stores that carried Ozark oak so I called Ozark oak company headquarters and asked the man for the names of the stores that carried their brand in my area. What I learned from him was there are several small businesses that sell ozark oak lump coal to restaurants in the Houston area.the Ozark the employee told me that the individuals companies from houston have Ozark fill generic named brand bags by the pallet and they come pick them up and sell them to the restaurants in my area. So just because you can't find an Ozark retailer in your town does not mean you can't buy it. Call the company and ask them about retailers in your area. The employees that I have spoken to in the past are down to earth and easy to talk to. I pay $17 for 20 lb and $10 for 10 lbs. they told me price is determined by the independent distributor. I hope this helps .
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