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Thank you for the info Dr KY! I'll look into the grillstock, sounds like a blast and could be a great way to meet folks.

I just secured commercial kitchen space to cook, and had my FEC 120 delivered. I'll be smoking with cookshack hickory and fruit pellets. I am still trying to find good reliable suppliers for the brisket, butts and chickens. Regarding where I'll be selling, I'll be street trading and catering in the beginning as I don't have the funds for a brick and mortar. There are several street food markets around town I'm trying to get into. My thoughts on location thus far are southwest London.
Here are some questions maybe you can answer:
Do you know of good suppliers for well marbled packer briskets? Butts? I'm currently importing briskets from the US, which isn't the most cost effective.
You mentioned BBQ in the EU, do you travel all over for your catering?

I look forward to hearing more about your successes with Que in the UK and any advice you can offer someone just getting started.

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